Masterminding the time is the work of those who strive to give meaning to it.

“The Pioneers of Modern Science” history of science exhibition, designed and presented by Usturlab as a result of a long-term work of 2 years, will meet with science and art enthusiasts in Istanbul Airport for a year from 4th of November.

Aiming to interactively telling the world about the pioneer scientists of modern sciences and technologies, humankind’s adventure of producing science and the place of Islamic civilization in this adventure, “The Pioneers of Modern Science” exhibition will meet art-lovers at International Terminal of Istanbul Airport. A part of the 2019 Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin History of Science Year under the presidential auspices of Turkish Republic, this exhibition is open to visit for a year.

“The Pioneers of Modern Science: History of Islamic Science and Technology” exhibition provides the opportunity to get to know the scientists and their work that had built the foundations of disciplines such as algebra, mechanics, medicine, astronomy and physics; inspired the scientists and artists from other cultures and laid the foundations of modern science. The exhibition also explores the ability of scientists to study and translate the work of Greek, Indian and Chinese cultures and bring them into their own civilization and develop new methods.

Miniatures, replica objects, mechanical and digital applications that have never been showcased in an exhibition before, are showcased in an interactive environment in this exhibition, that is presented in 5 themes as Discovery, Observation, Humankind, Art and Civilization, located on a total of 450 square meters.

Alongside with the special section that displays the life and work of Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin, Celestial Sphere Instalment, Beytulhikme Instalment, Istanbul Observatory, some other special sections such as Es-Sufi’s Constellation, Mechanical Designs of Al-Jazari and Benu Musa Brothers, Handbag of a Doctor in 15th Century, Therapeutic Maqamat (Musical Modes), Chemistry Desk, Pioneering Mathematicians, Voyagers and Cartography, Economi, and Urbanism are demonstrated.

“The Pioneers of Modern Science” exhibition that will meet with art-lovers for a year until September 2020, is held by the main sponsor Turkish Airlines and venue sponsor IGA Airport Operations - Istanbul Airport, with the contributions of Turkish Ministry of Culture. Vakıf Katılım Bank, Ziraat Katılım Bank, TURKCELL, TUSAS, Prof Dr Fuat Sezgin Foundation and Kırıkkale University are among the sponsors contributing to the exhibition

Free Entry
Visiting Duration: 30 minutes